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oo1st ♦ audio > written

Ah-! I didn't mean to- Um, I- I suppose if I do this instead--

[The journal switches to written after that short, accidental audio message from a soft-spoken, yet obviously tired young woman. The text that follows is written after a few moments, though.]

My name is Hyuuga Hinata. I am looking for

If anyone out there is kind enough to give me directions, or perhaps a map, to this place, I will be very much grateful.

I need to go back to the place I came from to help a good friend in need.


Thank you and I apologize for the bother.

[Hinata ends her short message and keeps the journal close to her. She knows the name of this place, has gone through her fair share of freaking out before finally turning to her journal for help. She activates her Byakugan for the third time since getting here to search for clues but she can't keep using her bloodline like this. This is probably the last time she can with how low her chakra is right now.]
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[As if she didn't recognize that voice immediately, then the name would do it.]

Hinata! It's Sakura! Haruno Sakura!

[She is probably so confused right now so a last name is more necessary than helpful.]

If you're by the fountain, stay there. If not, then could you tell me where you are? I'll explain everything.
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[Oh, good. That makes things easier for the both of them.]

I'll try and answer them all when I get there. I'm on my way!


voice > action!!!

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Don't worry, I'll be right there.

[Hinata doesn't have to wait long. Sakura can be quick when she needs to be. Unlike Sasuke when he had come to meet his two teammates, she runs through the crowd towards the fountain, eyes locked straight ahead. When there's a break in all the bustle, she can make out Hinata sitting by the fountain.

She looks alright. Maybe as tired as she had been upon arrival. As stressed out, too.]

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[That same relief slams into Sakura. Another familiar face that's still alive. So people from her world can show up later. Months later, but also days later. It's only been just under two weeks since she's been here.

Hinata does look okay, but it never hurts to ask. And she needs to know Hinata is okay before she can answer any of her questions.]

Are you alright? Are you injured at all?
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[All Hinata needed was rest then. She could get it here.

Sakura's shoulders relax slightly and she has an idea what's on her mind. If she's from anywhere near when she left home, then--]

So, what were your questions?

[She tries to smile for Hinata's sake, reassuring her silently that everything was okay. Since Sakura had been the one healing Naruto at the time, that should say something.]
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[Her face softens and she knows just how much Naruto means to Hinata. She's not surprised that's number one on her list of questions.

She keeps smiling.]

He's here. He's fine. One hundred percent himself, too.

[And she would make sure he would be fine at home.]
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Sakura's smile finally fades.]

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure...

When we arrived here, he was completely fine. I had made an incision on his side to perform internal cardiac massage but he shows no outward physical signs that I did anything at all. He doesn't remember anything beyond extracting the tailed beasts from the enemy either.

You said the last thing you remember is using your Byakugan on Naruto? Where was he?
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[No. It doesn't add up at all. Sakura listens at Hinata's report, realizing that she's actually from a point in time moments before her. She had already been flying with Gaara to the Fourth Hokage before she found herself here.

Empathy fills Sakura.]

You have. You've already helped in the war, Hinata. It's a war meant to protect Naruto and stop the masked man.

Naruto is okay now, so you don't need to worry. Just be concerned with preserving what chakra you have. Here, this will help a little.

[The sound of humming chakra and a green light surrounds Sakura's hand. She presses it to Hinata to transfer some of her own chakra. Since she's been able to rest, she has enough to spare for her.]
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[Sakura knows she doesn't have to. So she shoots Hinata another smile while her preserves are depleted little by little to give enough to Hinata so she wasn't so exhausted. Sakura knew what it was like to end up in a strange place with no chakra to speak of to even protect herself. At least now she won't feel so helpless even with Naruto and Sakura here to protect her, if need be.

Sasuke and Itachi too.

The light fades and Sakura pulls back with a sigh and then a nod.]


[For now, it was enough. She's been able to not think about what it was going to be like when she went home, without remembering what happened here. To be thrown right back in the middle of a bad situation. It would be fine, she thinks. Naruto wouldn't die like that so easily. They were going to put the other half of the kyuubi in Naruto and he would be fine.

She has to believe that.

After stretching out her arms above her head, she turns to start leading her back to the Murderess.]

He'll be glad to see you. We've both been wondering when everyone else was going to show up here.
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[What's up, ladies? Naruto's ears are burning. Are you talking about him or some shit?

It's not hard to find Hinata's chakra signature. After connecting his and Kurama's chakra with everybody in the entire shinobi alliance, he pretty much knows how different everybody's feels. It was only a matter of using sage mode for a bit to track down Hinata's. He also feels Sakura's as well. She must have beaten him to her.

But he lands a short distance from them, gives them a salute and a big grin, takes a few steps, trips on a loose stone, recovers with a roll, and keeps jogging forward before pausing.]

Hey! Looks like you're okay, Hinata. Did Sakura-chan fix you up?
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[Just sort of stares at Naruto at first. Fighting the urge to give him dead fish eyes or something because of his clumsiness.

Sakura smiles back, giving her a look like 'See? Fine!' He's being Naruto as usual.]

She just needed some chakra. Though Naruto you should have been the one to give it to her. Kakashi-sensei was always going on about your insane amounts.
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Re: action!!!

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[Plenty of chakra to go around, ladieeeesssss.

He snickers and rubs the back of his sheepishly. Yes, he has plenty to spare.]

You beat me here though, Sakura-chan. I'll be sure to share chakra next time.

[Then he grins at Hinata.]

Now Sakura-chan can have a roommate on the boat! You guys will have to fight over top bunk though.
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Hinata and I are not going to fight over something stupid like that!

[Hinata was far too mild-mannered. Ino, on the other hand...

Sakura doesn't care about top bunks and bottom bunks and she's going to guess Hinata didn't either.

After her small rage at Naruto she blows out a sigh.]

Some of it is explained on the first page of the journal but essentially you need to find a boat and a crew to find shards of a ruby so we can go back home.

[Sasuke could doubt all he wanted, Sakura had to believe in it. They had nothing else. Besides, they would find out when they found them all.]

What do you say? Do you want to join our crew?
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[Why won't they fight over it? Please fight over top bunk and let him watch.

Also, he just nods his head at Sakura's explanations and the talk about the crew before looking at Hinata once more.]

Of course she does! We've got the best crew.


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