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[backdated to March 21st] - [voice]

So. Uh.

Any advice for someone whose closest friend in this place got sent back?
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action; this ok??

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[Oh no....

She sees the post, stops whatever she's doing, and goes off in search of her on the ship.

When she does find her:]

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I can't visit a friend?
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[The hands behind her back, positioned to look innocent, drop to her sides. Then her smile fades and she looks sympathetic.]

I'm sorry, Luka. I know most of us want to go home but it's still easier to be here with friends than by yourself.

[She finally steps into the room further and peers at the dartboard and tries another small smile.]

Could I play with you?
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It looks fun. [And something she could be good at since she throws knives at targets for a living.]

Was he good?
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[Takes them, weighing them in her hands. Much lighter than kunai.]

There was training like that back home too, before we graduated the Academy. We used kunai and tree stumps instead of a target boards and darts though.

[She gets into position and throws, hitting one of the outside marks and creating a louder than necessary thunk. Probably threw it too hard and its awkward to aim compared to her usual kunai.]

Oops. This is a much smaller target though, and much smaller projectiles.

What about you? Did you train with him?
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[She can kind of relate to that; her Yin Seal is something she learned from her master. Naruto was trained by Jiraiya, and Sasuke by Orochimaru, in a way. Those three were a team before them.]

So you mastered the powers of someone like you from a previous generation.

It's worth it though in the end, isn't it? Even if it's difficult.
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That's quite a few...

[Considering her Academy classes had 30 kids in one room.]
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At least one hundred and five people.

[Not the size of shinobi army with magic powers but still sizable]
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That's pretty amazing, you know.

[She lines up her second dart.]

That those powers have spread so much with so many people.

[And throws. There's a much softer thunk, and she hits just outside the bullseye.

A grin spreads across her face.]
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[Can't blame the candies this time.]

I just got lucky.

[Tucks some hair behind her ear bashfully.]

I just determined the angle to throw by calculating the distance and height. Velocity is up to chance, plus you have gravity and air resistance to account for and--

[Pauses. Sakura's secret is she's a huge nerd.]

But it's difficult to apply all that off the top of my head, so I guessed. I didn't hit center though.
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[An awkward smile.]

I guess I did.

Does that mean I'm winning?