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[Long time no see, journal. Haruhi sounds hoarse as she addresses whoever might be listening.]

It's so warm but I can't feel it. I stood in the sunshine for two hours. All it did was make me feel worse.

[She muffles a cough against her hand.]

I wonder if I have a Cold? Great time for one. My body is usually stronger than this.

[Not that she has spent much time on the sea. Ever.]

Don't worry, I'll wear a mask when I'm cooking. And I'll wash my hands. A lot. How contagious are Colds anyway?

Very, right?


[Why worry?]

More Vitamin C for me.
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[personal profile] slugly 2014-03-14 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
You weren't anywhere near Dermavern, were you?
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We don't know the symptoms of this green plague yet other than it's deadly. Please be careful. [And a bit more chiding.]

Either way, you shouldn't be cooking if you're sick even if you wear a mask.