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[private to Howling Sabers]

Murderess: two points.

1. There is a lot of talk about this Navy ball in the Corsair Kingdom. I believe it would be a good opportunity to gather information, or at least listen to what is being said within the Navy. Who among you can handle subterfuge?

2. We are running low on everything except what we can catch or collect in buckets. We're nowhere close to Empieza and restocking yet. Be careful with what you take from the stores, or I'll start requiring shared meals crew-wide.
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Haruno Sakura, shinobi of Konoha, at your service-

[to which she means HELLO SASUKE SHE IS A NINJA REMEMBER deceit is a thing]

-Captain Sasuke.

[hehehe should we call him Seakage]
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voice 1/4 I THINK

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I'm just jo-
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... Are you asking me to be your date?
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Ignoring him so she can linger in the irony of this moment even though he won't.

She considers saying 'no' just to give him a taste of his own medicine but doubts it would be nearly as effective as it had been to her. Or that he would care.

Besides, revenge is the whole reason Sasuke left. She has a better idea anyway.]

Okay. I'll go with you but on the condition that we really do dress up in costume. [She should probably give him a reason why it's a good idea besides she just wants to see him in a costume for a ball.]

This way we don't have to waste chakra on a henge or genjutsu in case something happens. Our chakra is already limited enough.
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I don't want to risk it. Every bit counts in this world. A henge could be the difference between having enough chakra to avoid an attack that might be fatal.

[she nearly believes that reasoning herself]

Miss Margie should have something and I recall someone saying they could make clothes, too.

[are they on empieza idek]
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We'll have to pay either way. I don't think anyone will make or give us clothes for free around here.

[they're pirates

everyone is a pirate

but they are also ninja]

Unless they don't know we're taking them...
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[she said it but

she's not sure if she could actually steal something from someone if it's not a mission


How much gold do we have, exactly?
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I could.

[it's not a matter of skill. just as suddenly as he gets a rise out of her, she relaxes and adds on a quieter:]

Just not in good conscious.
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[uncomfortable silence she doesn't want to admit she doesn't actually want to steal

they have a bad enough reputation]

Maybe I can barter with someone.

[she is good with medicine

sell her body if only she had boobs

maybe naruto as his sexy jutsu]

We can offer Naruto for labor or something. He's efficient with all his clones, isn't he?
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By doing what.