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[Voice. Action to HazMat Pirates]

[April First. Happy April Fools Day! This is Mikey, setting ‘someone’ up]

HEY EVERYONE! [comes the loud voice of one very bad ass turtle. The journals are loud with his voice, but on the boat it’s even louder.] GUESS WHAT!!

[dramatic pause for effect, a grin on his turtle lips, because he knows he’s going to have to make a run for it once... someone gets it]

APRIL IS HERE!!! APRIL is here! I'm so ex-cited!

[You can almost picture his arms being held high above his head as he yells this, grinning. To those on the boat, he uses one of his dear smoke bombs and is gone. Hiding. To those who reply? He’ll reply in kind.... until he’s thrown over board that is.]
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Can you be any louder

[While the turtle's volume rings in his ears, he finds himself lost in a cloud of smoke. That's something he doesn't encounter very often.]

–Gaugh, oh gods– [Coughhack] –what the?? Where'd he go?
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[Hiccup jumps, feeling his hair stand on end as he jerks to look at...nothing over his shoulder.]

What. [He turns around, checking each possible spot in this mess.] Hey!
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[Oh Michelangelo. Why. That water balloon hits its mark, exploding on impact.]

–Augh! Seriously??? What is this– ? [He accidentally tastes the water as he examines a piece of the broken balloon, shuddering.] Oh. Nice.
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[Following the sound of his voice, Hiccup glances over in Mikey's direction. He shakes off some of the excess water as the rest of it seeps into his vest and tunic.]

Where did you even get that? The other question is 'how' you even filled it.