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Week 29

Hello, all! Meep here.

Gosh it's been a long time! How is everyone doing? Before you ask, the Mistress is fine, just exhausted. Green Plague will do that to you. It will also give you boils in really unfortunate places but fortunately you won't have to endure them for long since it means death is just around the corner. It's pretty distressing all told but the plague is contained for now! Of course if there's one outbreak there may be another in the short future because of waves you know, and there's always that one little bugger that tends to get away from you. It's really unfortunate. I do wish people were more conscientious.

I have no news for you other than that. All is quiet other the usual Navy grumblings but I hear they'll be pulling back for now to lick their wounds! I hear you left some pretty big ones. While I'm relieved you're all right, it does make a man sad. We've lost so many to plague, to battles. Souls which Davy Jones doesn't seem fit to reincarnate. It's a rather sad business and you're lucky not many people know of your plethora of advantages or, I expect, they would become rather resentful!

At any rate I am open for questions, though I can't answer too many or the Mistress will complain about me spoiling you. Also there is this fascinating essay on mystical fungi. You know there is thought to be this one mushroom on Hallio Mesa which is thought to give you hallucinations lasting for days! The most common hallucination is one of flight, which is dangerous enough on the ground but when you live on a cloud island, well, it's frankly dangerous, don't you think? But it's very good for helping with anxiety disorders provided you don't actually die. I wanted to try one but Mistress forbade me, alas. It is probably all for the best in the end, don't you think?
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Has there been any progress on a treatment for the Green Plague? Where can I find this essay?
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[one step forward, two steps back]

I'm working on the former. [slowly...]

You mean the essay is in a different language than the usual here?
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You're definitely very knowledgeable. Scurvey is lucky to have you.
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I hope she does.

And that she recovers.
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