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[003 || Voice]

...Well, that could've gone better.

[Clears his throat.], anyone else who's tried to kick any of these Navy dudes' butts recently -- say, hypothetically, if someone were to get, I dunno...


In this totally hypothetical situation, where would they hypothetically take the guy? Anyone got any ideas?

[There's a grumpy sigh, then some muttering, then some stomping, and then Raph's voice, fainter now, like he's not actually addressing the journal anymore, calls out:]

LEO! I need your help

[Before the entry abruptly cuts out.

Hazmats, he'll be storming into the galley momentarily!]
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[...did he just hear that right? Did Raph just ask him for his help? Granted, he was already planning to figure out a rescue plan, but hearing Raph actually ask him for help was shocking, but int he good way

He just closed his journal and was going to get up and go look for Raph, but then he stormed into the galley. Well, that takes care of that. But instead of teasing, he looked at his younger brother with some worry as he walked over to him.]

Hey Raph, I ugh... heard what you said. You okay bro?
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[Sure Raph, you sound perfectly fine. But Leo didn't comment on it, just walking to sit at the table. He hadn't really ever talked to Gan Ning, but it didn't matter. No turtle, or man, got left behind.]

We will. But first we need to figure out exactly where he is and how to get him out. We can't just look for a prison and break into it when he may not even be there.
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[He sighed at the glowering as he opened up his journal.]

I know, but maybe someone here knows where we can find it. Didn't you just ask people with the journal? If someone sees then we may get our answer. We may have to wait for it, but it's better than getting nothing.
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Re: [Action]

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[Leo peered down at the replies while he listened to Raph rant.]

Okay, so they're stating the obvious. Then we just need to ask them for more specifics, or find something that can give us a list of prisons. But either way, it's goig to take time and after we get a location we'll need to make a plan and maybe do intel to find a way to get past security.

In other words, we have to be patient Raph.

[Which he knew was going to be difficult for his red-masked brother. Well not having to deal with the random busts of anger was nice while it lasted.]
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We don't have a choice Raph. If we just attack random prisons that ends up not having Gan Ning in it, not only will it get us into even more trouble, but we're risking someone else getting captured or seriously hurt, not to mention we'd be wasting resources. Resources that we can't afford to waste. Plus what if the Navy got wise to what we were doing? They might kill him then and there.

[He tone had gotten more irrtable and commanding as he spome becore taking in a breath. He spoke more calmly when he opened his mouth again, but the feeling of sharpness and command was still very much present.]

If we don't come up with something, if we just barge in without any idea of what we're getting into or what we're facing, what do you think might happen. The Navy already beat us once, and if we go crazy, they could again.
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I wouldn't be surprised if the Navy was expecting something like that anyway.

[The thief pops a chocolate coin into his mouth as he steps into the galley, wadding up the foil wrapper between his fingers.]

I think Stalwart's on the right track here. We'll need a plan, especially if it's only us and a lot of them. At least the advantage we have is that we're a small crew, so it'd be easier for us to do any sneaking into things.

[He flicks the foil ball towards the little wooden bucket in the corner that serves as a trash receptacle before folding his arms as he leans against one of the counters.]

But we do need to find out where these guys are keeping Jingles, and I'm sure they've put as much ocean between us and them as possible in the four days since that battle. We may not be getting many bites in the directions department, but we don't have to sit around waiting, either.

After all, we got us a couple of scouts who can get a bird's eye view and cover quite a bit of ground- er, ocean.
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[Unfortunately Leo isn't a mind reader so he glares at Raph when he makes that comment, but he doesn't push it as he ponders over the situation.]

I don't know, he's most likely somewhere with Toothless.
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[Flashing a quick grin at Raphael, Gaius gives a nod along with Leonardo's guess.]

Last I saw, I think he was trying to fix that tailpiece. Got a little banged up in that Navy battle.
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[There's a CLANG and clattering of metal.]

GAH, what!

[Another thunk, metal ringing softly as Hiccup comes into view.]

Who's yelling at me now– oh.

Raphael. Leonardo. Gaius. What do you need?
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[Not being too phased by the clanging and thunking, Leo stands up and puts on his 'leader face'.]

Sorry to disturb you Hiccup, but we have a job for you to do. We may have figured out a way to help us find out where Gan Ning, but we're going to need you and Toothless to help us do it.
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Heya Twigs.

[He waves from where he stands.]

Sorry, but I sorta volunteered you for scouting. I'd do it myself but we're kind of out in the middle of the ocean.
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[Gaius gets a slight look, but he does reply.]

Volunteered, huh? Well...all right, point made. Plus I guess this will sorta make up for the last time I flew with Toothless...

[He does step inside, however, gesturing lightly.]

Danger isn't a problem. I'm just hoping I fixed the tailfin enough to ensure a smooth flight.
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[A nod.]

Well maybe you should try a test flight first, to see if it still needs work or not. Then once your for sure that things will go smoothly, we can get started on the search.
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[Gaius nods his agreement to that.]

Yeah, I'm with Stalwart. We don't want to end up missing two more crew members on top of the one.

I'm no expert in dragon-flying, but you don't exactly fly Toothless like the wyvern riders back home, so making sure that equipment of yours works out all right is a good idea.
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Usually when one gets captured they end up in a prison of some sort.

[That just seemed obvious to her.]
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[You did ask.]

Just stating the obvious, though you must be asking for a reason.
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Oh, sorry. I wouldn't know of any around, but when you think about what they would need for a prison then hopefully that would make things a tiny bit easier.
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Okay, I wouldn't know that. Only been here a month. But looking around wouldn't hurt anyone.
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A jail sounds pretty likely, or any other place where they could keep them away from others, and from escaping.

Maybe a remote island?
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Probably on a navy ship, or anywhere else they control. But I don't really know more than that, sorry.
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Wasn't this all supposed to be hypothetical?
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You're not fooling me, you know.
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When she wasn't insulting people Dog did mention some sort of prison a few weeks ago.
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She said she didn't know and that the place was closed down before because it was cursed.