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⇟ [Voice | Action for Hazmat Crew]

[Oh, what's this? It sounds like the journal fell onto sturdy wood planks, vibrating with the stumbling sound of footsteps running a ways away from where it landed. Well, make that footsteps and a light metal clunking mixing with the sound of a teenage Viking's yelling.]

–Aw, Toothless! No!

[The noise in the background cuts off with an abrupt and very confused growf.]


[Anyone aboard the HAZMAT will now notice a ring of fresh, smoldering burn marks somewhere on the fo'c'sle (the front) of the ship.

Hiccup will be standing off to the side of it with his hands on his head.

...Yup, this will not be good. I'm dead!

[Toothless sits there next to the unfinished ring, head tilted as he wonders what's wrong. What did he do? He just wanted to take a nap!]
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I guess this means you did find Toothless, Hiccup-san.
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You really seemed worried, so I'm glad! [Pause. Remembers what she heard.]

I think?
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Is he causing a lot of trouble?
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Right! Definitely not! [YOU CAN PROBABLY HEAR HER WINK]

But if a dragon did cause trouble, it's probably a lot worse than trouble caused by anything else.

[except maybe kraken]
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[what about cannibals]

I would be relieved but there's no harm in being thankful too. What sort of not-trouble is he causing?
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[cannibal more creepy!

Ah. Yes. That is bad. Hiccup DID say it could be worse though.]


Still have a ship, right?
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[Relieved sigh.] That's probably what you meant by it could be worse.

[it definitely could have been]

Why is he burning the deck?
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... And burning things is like warm milk for dragons?
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The only thing I can think of is thermoregulation. Dragons sort of resemble lizards and lizards are cold-blooded animals so they need to bask in the sunlight to regulate body temperature.

... Maybe he's cold?

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Really? [She sounds pleased.]

Maybe you should find him a blanket then. That's a lot less dangerous for the ship.
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If it saves them a ship, I'm sure they won't in the least.
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voice; 1/2

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Not at all!
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2/3 I MEAN

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As long as you pay me fifty doubloons.


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