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Week 28

Hain't gonna have the weather this time 'round. Hope ye lot are doin' well wi' the navy or not gettin' yerselves too hurt. I'll be takin' a leave of absence ta see if I can help stop this bedamned plague from spreadin'. We haven't had an outbreak like this fer thirty years-- fortunately we know how ta stop it but I'd keep a fair distance from Dermaevern if I were ye. I wouldn' take a risk on Blackfisk either.

Afore I set out, I hae a little time fer a question ta which ye know the rules of. Ta be specific, though since damned near all 'o ye seem ta hae this problem. I hain't here ta be yer nursmaid or explain ta ye th' ups an' downs 'o friendship. In other words, if ye can ask any 'o yer mates the same question and expect to get answer, do it and don't waste me time.
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So the plague is spreading even more.

[She would say 'I told you so' but she has manners unlike Naruto.]
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[Who was asking for treasure when a plague was spreading around and they needed to know what the hell it was.....

There has to be a loophole]

If you're in trouble too, then it would be beneficial if whatever information was known about the plague was shared with a medic who could develop an immunogen.
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The more people helping out, the better off everyone would be. Including yourself.
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[The 'Saint Doctor' gives her pause out of embarrassment because it really is NONE of her business right now but she plunders on stubbornly. She's a MEDIC she can HELP somehow! Before anyone else dies.]

In other words, you're saying because I'm an outsider everyone would rather risk more death than accept help.
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... Right. I understand, Scurvey-san.

[That doesn't mean she likes it but she doesn't want to endanger innocent lives because of her. Still, that meant she couldn't help. It's always the politics. Now she knows why Tsunade hates it.

She doesn't say she could use a transformation, look completely different and still work on an antigen with whoever the doctors and medics are in this world because she knows it wouldn't even be taken into consideration. For whatever reason, they were practically hated here. She would have to ask Sasuke or Captain Marvelous about it. Or anybody on the journal.

Something else catches her attention.]

Hold on. Come back? If I die, then I'm dead. I wouldn't come back anywhere.
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[Maribelle who had been watching this conversation, feels rather guilty for asking a greedy question about treasure when the noble thing to do would have been to ask how to help stop the plague. So she takes a moment to help explain this to Sakura since she's been here before.]

Allow me to explain... the poltergeist who brought us here, Davy Jones? Have you noticed how he's capable of dragging people here from other worlds, and other times? Death doesn't mean much to a being such as that, and because of that he can bring anyone back who has died. He brought us here in the first place, so he doesn't want anyone leaving even if that method is... death. So it's likely that he snatches up people from their time line right before they would die, and pulls them back into his domain.

Either that or he's found a way to defy death altogether, and simply resurrect those who have died. I'll tell you this much though, don't think of yourself as immortal, because I don't think Davy Jones particularly likes the idea of constantly bringing someone back from the brink of death.
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[Now that she mentions the time thing, Sakura decides it wouldn't be quite a stretch that he would be able to bring people back from the dead, too.

But almost every instance where the dead has been brought back has negatively impacted her. That sort of power shouldn't be used or exist -- nor should the power to bring people from different worlds to this one.

Sakura is a medic and a shinobi; she knows all about mortality and how fragile human life can be.]

To think someone else could have that sort of power here too. [She pauses, thoughtful, and then adds;]

I can admit it has its advantages [by personal experience and loathe be it that she actually says it outloud] but the dead should be left alone, shouldn't they? It just seems incredibly disrespectful and wrong to resurrect someone for your own selfish intention, whatever that may be.
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I wholeheartedly agree dear, and that is why I certainly have no fondness for Davy Jones myself. In my world, my companions and I were forced to fight hordes of the dead, brought back by the fell magics of the shadow dragon Grima. The power to bring back the dead more often than not leads to corruption and despair, and death normally should remain just that.

When it comes to manipulating time and space to suit your whims, or save someone from dying... such power also likely comes with a terrible toll.
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I can't say I like Davy Jones much either, considering.

Even if he can save someone.


That's different from bringing someone back from the dead.
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I must agree that it is a bit different than bringing someone back from the dead. The divine dragon Naga did something somewhat similar, in that she sent my own son from the future back in time to help us defeat the fell dragon Grima, and also saving him from an apocalyptic future where Grima had taken over the world.
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... It must have been strange to meet your own son from the future.
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What is stranger still is that he insists on calling me "Ma" of all things. He's with my now as a matter of fact, you might run into him. His name is Brady, fierce looking young man, scar over one eye, and the strangest combination of courtly manners that my future self had graced him with, and thuggery that I don't know how he developed.
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You are his mother.

[Is she going to have a future child appear? She hadn't even THOUGHT of that either.]

I guess he could have inherited it from his father?
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Ugh... don't even mention that idea! The very notion that I would marry some hairy brainless oaf that would be horribly influencing my Brady in all these ways... ooh it makes my skin crawl.

[You can't even see how much she's shuddering here.]
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[Notices the 'my']

At least the two of you are getting along.
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Well... While I may not have had the experience of raising him personally, I did still raise him, albeit in the future, and he is my son. I taught him everything from how to hold a salad fork to being a master violinist. Besides, I do believe that the poor boy would be rather lost without some form of parental guidance, as he seems to get in all sort so trouble.
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I'm glad you're here for him then, to make sure he doesn't get into too much. And I've been told it makes being in a strange place easier to handle when you're not alone.