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[Of all the places for the portal to have taken him, this is a surprise. He feels like he's stepped into some amusement park where everyone dresses up to make cheap atmosphere and filled with gaudy rides. (not that he's ever been to one). Only it's a lot grimier and it's not too much different from the back alleys of New York, only sky scrapers, cement, and pollution.

He's taken apart the journal and put it back together twice, the second time a bit shoddily and now his fingers are sticky with glue but it just seems like a regular journal, despite the fact that it has his name on it which is the most disturbing part.

But there was no help for it. He couldn't figure it out and there was no figuring out until he conducted a test. So feeling a bit foolish, but reminding himself it was for science and there's really more important things going on at the moment, he writes: ]

Has anyone seen a small metal turtle? About four feet, five inches in height and probably fairly aggressive? He also shoots lasers if that helps. On that note, anyone know where I can get a cell signal?

[the t-phones operated on a complicated system of hijacked carrier waves from several different companies, though he was working on a system to generate his own system and slip it into the satellite subroutines to go undetected. Unfortunately, he'd need his equipment to do that and this place seemed to be lacking even in the indoor plumbing department]
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[Hiccup can read all of this (SOMEhow), eyes scanning the words that appear on the page. Turtle? Lasers? Cell signal? There seems to be a mild theme here.

Thin fingers rub his chin as he starts writing back.]

Metal turtle? I don't think I've seen anything like that. Not lately, anyway.

[Runes, what runes, it's all legible.]
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I'll take your word for it, but I'll be honest – I may be inclined to face him head on.

Viking priorities. I know.
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[No worries, Hiccup will provide the cliffnotes version free of charge.]

There's plenty of that where I come from. Actually putting it into practice is a whole different story.
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["Nin"? Well, whatever it was, it sounds just as complicated.]

Well, that's the gist of most things that have rules and guidelines, right? They're either meant to be followed, broken, or flat-out ignored.
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Hah. You'd think common sense would kick in for that.
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[This. This is something he can agree with.]

You're right. It doesn't come up as often as it should. It's a shame.

[But yes, it would be rude to keep the guy from whatever he's doing.]

Not a problem. It was nice meeting you, too. Hope you find what you're looking for.

[Never mind the fact they'll both meet in-person aboard Raph's "borrrowed" ship.]