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Hello, everyone! This is Aida Mana, captain of the Shepherd! I'd like to thank everyone for the words of encouragement they gave me, and let everyone know that I'm resuming my role as captain of our crew!

I know it looks like we have a big challenge ahead of us all, but I'd like everyone to know - not just my crewmembers, but everyone out there on those high seas, that we can get through this! We've survived a lot so far, and we'll keep on doing it, no matter how tough things get!

If there's anything these last few months have proven to me... love, courage... it will all see us through! Even if we can't see it, it's still out there, over the next horizon! Whether it's the Navy, or the sea witch... it doesn't matter! I believe in you!

[locked to the Shepherd crew]

Just reminding everyone our next destination is Port Chance, where we intend to use the treasure we recently acquired in order to upgrade to a bigger ship! The Shepherd has carried us far for so long... we should take these next few weeks to remember what it's done for us! It's been our home, our safe haven... we'll never forget it!

That said, we have to be diligent, given the Navy is out there... I'm counting on you all!
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It sounds like you're a great person to be captain!!
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Haruno Sakura. Nice to meet you.
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Oh! Thank you!

[SURPRISED. This is like the 3rd time people have complimented her since she's been here.]

Yes, just like the blossoms. I've been told my hair is like them too.
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That's true. [Tries to imagine herself with white hair.

Can only think of Kakashi-sensei.]

It's the former, pink. White hair would probably look weird on me.


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Is pink hair really rare?
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[Weird hair colors is TOTALLY NORMAL in most animu.]

I think we have a few of those actually.


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That we both know how important courage is.
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Or a good leader's.
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You said you were resuming your role as captain, did something happen?
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... I'm sorry.

You really do have a lot of courage to take your place right after something like that.


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[doesn't she know it]


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I hope so!

[Plus, it would be better if the friendships forged allowed people to work together even if they were part of different crews.

They're all in this.]