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Week 25

Hain’t got much in th’ way ‘o preamble this time around. Comet’s getting’ closer. Ye can see it now without a lookin’ glass if ye know how ta look which I’m bettin’ is a grand total a two ‘o ye. That’s the least ‘o yer worries at th’ moment but hain’t that always th’ case.

Other than a new revolt in Yuezhong throwin’ the country into chaos; and a case ‘o the green plague sweepin’ through Dermavern yer biggest worry is gonna be the Navy. Three Days Jack is captured, fleets been decimated, and he and his crew are ta be hanged at High Point in a week’s time. After that, they’re comin’ after ye. There’s rumblins that they’re settin’ the admirals out and the Eight Dogs also known as th’ toughest Captains in th’ Navy. Stay on yer guard and try not ta get yerselves into any deeper trouble. Ye still hain’t been forgiven fer the Empieza Route and they’ll want some ‘o their own back.


North: Still in a deep chill but not as much as ye’ve been used to. Weather should be clear and cold, warmin up near the end ‘o the week until ye can stay out more ‘n an hour or so w’out gettin’ frostbite.

West: Rough winds an’ high seas but relatively dry despite that. Heard tell Tartle may be surfacin’ there by th’ end ‘o th’ week, if ye want ta stop by fer a few days.

East: Hope ye got buckets cuz yer gettin’ wet. Rain lastin through til mid week til it turns ta hail. Watch out fer typhoons especially in th’ sight ‘o warm weather islands. Also there’s been sightin’s of a water spout ‘er two and ye’d best avoid them if ye don’t want to die horribly.

South: Calm and warm, borderin’ on hot in some places. Not a lot ‘o wind, though so ye may have difficulty getting’ place ta place. Good time ta either get drunk an’ wait fer the breeze or break out th’ oars.

That be all I have. Try ta make yer question count and not waste everyone’s time.
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What's the green plague?
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Depending on the type of plague it is, it's possible it could spread beyond Dermavern.

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If it does, it would be helpful if you included what it is.
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