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written; 02 | private to Sasuke

I know technically it's February right now where we are, but it was October back home. Naruto's birthday would have been a few days ago I think, so we should do something together to celebrate. I don't think he'll mind it's a little late.

[Btw you actually don't have a choice Sasuke she's going to drag you along just giving you a heads up.]

If your brother would like to come, he's invited too.
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Order something from Margie and celebrate however you want. I don't see why Itachi or I need to participate.
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Naruto saying something once or a dozen times doesn't make it true. Just let Marvelous know you two are taking the day and we won't sail without you.
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It's past time he faced reality, then.

I have no interest in something this frivolous. There are people around who enjoy that sort of thing. Go find them.

[He's actually 97% of the time up in the rigging, so you'll be finding an empty hammock.]
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[He sees her.

He even considers calling out to her for a second.

But nah -- he'd rather take care of this from a distance.]

I don't see how it would benefit anyone for us to attend. We're strangers.
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We were on a team for less than a year. We don't know each other anymore.

Itachi knows you even less.
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[He's expecting another argument, some kind of appeal to their former status as teammates -- when the question does come it throws him for a long moment. Have they been having a different conversation? Or -- ah.]

I already told you I'm not interested in attending a party. [And so implicitly there's no need to try to find food he'll like.

Begrudgingly, he does say:]

I suppose you're welcome to invite Itachi.
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permactions this

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Or a get-together, whatever. [He shifts a bit on the spar, creating more distance between them -- he's not used to having his space up here invaded. Itachi seems to understand well enough his reasons for staying in the rigging rather than belowdecks, and the others are less inclined to climb the ropes.

The suggestion of a spar weakens his resistance. Just a little. Sparring with non-shinobi can only do so much, and sparring with Itachi requires a weird amount of care.

The mention of Seakage is what closes his expression again, though; something that ridiculous is just ...]

Don't encourage him with the Seakage thing. It's bad enough he said it once.

[But he has to address the meat of the request, and finally he sighs.] A spar would be useful. But I don't see why you're insisting on including us in this birthday thing.
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[There it is again -- that insistence, the bizarre determination that for whatever reason the team Iruka at the Academy had assigned them to was somehow their team for life. There were teams who lasted for life, to be sure, but there must have been others that were broken in one way or another. Why do Naruto and Sakura cling this tightly?]

We're a former team. [He emphasizes it, former.]

Sakura, I didn't join your side of the war to rejoin Team 7. Our goals aligning doesn't mean -- {He breaks off, frustrated, because in all honestly -- Sasuke hasn't worked out the details behind how to achieve his new goals, and being here has been distance enough that he hasn't had to think about it.

Killing a man is an easier goal to set than anything else.]

Why is this so important to you? I thought you were ready to kill me.
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[The answer is less than satisfactory, Sasuke's expression unimpressed and frowning.

It's incredibly strange to sit side-by-side and talk about this -- he's too accustomed to facing these people in a battlefield by now, even if they were facing the same direction before arriving here -- he turns, leaning his back against the mast and drawing up a knee. Physical division of space, even if there's precious little of it on board.]

So Naruto is your guide in all things, now? [And he's seen it in more than Sakura, he's seen it across the battlefield, the overwhelming willingness of people to follow Naruto.]

Do none of you Konoha-nin think for yourselves anymore?
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[Maybe it was harsher than necessary, but Konoha has been willing to accept the habit of unquestioningly following whichever leader of the moment for so long that -- even if Sasuke, with all that he's seen, trusts Naruto not to turn out like Danzo or the Third -- it rankles. This village's bright and shiny exterior is hollow on the inside, supported by blood and lies, and before he realises it he's on his feet, hand slashing through the air to punctuate the quiet fury in his words:]

Do you think I want to be part of your team anymore?! Did it never occur to you or to Naruto that my choices are mine to make, not yours to unmake?

[And all through the quiet oppression of Sound, the choice he'd made daily to follow his brother's words and live as low a life as possible, only to learn after the end of it all that Itachi had failed. Itachi had fucked up his attempt to keep the Uchiha name clear and keep the village safe, and for all that Sasuke had hated his brother down to the marrow for those years, he hadn't believed that Itachi could.

And that's not a thought he's let himself have until now, faced with a younger Itachi, and that Sakura is the one who has drawn it out inadvertently with this Konoha-nin habit of pretending things are fine, pretending things can be smoothed over --

It's not Naruto and Sakura, not really, but there is long-banked anger in his voice, words he cannot say to a brother who has the sacrifice he made for the village still fresh in memory.]

What makes you think that Konoha as it stands now, as the village it is now, is something I would choose to join without question or reservation?
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[They've been deciding for him as much as anyone else has in his life, is what Sasuke wants to say -- Valley of the End may have been excused as Naruto attempting to keep a teammate from defecting, but anything after that has been above and beyond duty. Beyond logic, and the fact that Naruto has managed to drag Sakura down and keep her in his simpleminded delusion that the past can be erased as easily as he wants it to be is beyond infuriating.]

I have a team I've chosen. [He snaps it, an impatient growl of words.] And you have a replacement. Blindly following Naruto's words makes you no better than when you hung off mine --

[But his words cut off, because her conclusion makes it clear that Naruto hasn't spilled the beans, whatever beans he has to spill, despite Sasuke's expectation that he'd have told Sakura everything. And he knows she's spoken to Itachi since arriving, so ... no one has told her anything.

He laughs, a low and humourless huff.]

There's a lot you don't understand, isn't there?
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[She's angry now, it's written all over her, and for a moment Sasuke almost hopes she'll try to start an actual fight. Naruto is easy to understand, so transparent he might as well be going through life with his every motivation written enormous over his head, but Sakura -- for Sakura to still be fixated on this one team, this one goal, doesn't make any sense. If anything, she should have been one to encourage Naruto to stop.

Instead, she's almost more insistent than Naruto here, even though ... maybe because she hasn't been told the whole truth. But if Naruto hasn't told and she's spoken to Itachi, then it means that Itachi has deliberately chosen not to tell her.

His brother has always wanted to protect Konohagakure, even from itself. Even here, in the claustrophobic space of one ship.]

What have Itachi and Naruto told you? [He pauses, then, with a scrutinizing look:] Are you sure you even want to know?
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