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[voice/written/action if y'all are on board]

[With all the commotion of Konoha-nin showing up and then disgusting mind-controlling candy showing up directly after them, Sasuke has nearly forgotten about the other encounter he had on Empieza the day he met his former teammates -- but there's finally been a lull, and he's perched as high in the rigging as he can go without the journal blowing out of his hands when he remembers.]

Has anyone seen this?

[Believe it or not, he has actually put effort into this drawing, but a dragon is not a battle diagram.]

It was looking for a skinny kid with brown hair.
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[Sakura doesn't MEAN to laugh. REALLY.

But she giggles once she sees this because SASUKE DREW IT.]

What is that, exactly?
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She's laughing because Sasuke drew something.]

A dragon? [Hums thoughtfully.] It's sort of cute, if it really looks like that.

[That's Sakura saying your drawing is cute, Sasuke.]

I wonder if he found who he was looking for.


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You drew it pretty cute.


No. I mean, people came and went as far as I could tell but I don't remember anybody like that.

But... how do you know it was looking for a boy?
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[IT'S CUTE, just not going to say anything more about it because she just smiles and CAN'T SEE IT ANYWAY. Savoring this forever.

That's sort of ingenious.]

Oh, so it doesn't talk?
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so kind

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[Definitely not any normal animal.]

It might be shy.

A dragon though... those are only in myths and stories.
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It's not the only thing.
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Logic doesn't apply here.

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You mean things are as strange in other worlds as this one?

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If only she knew. She would find out some day

some day]

Everyone I've talked to seems fairly normal.

[Fairly. Besides an oddity here or there. A host club. A dragon. A high school yearbook quote.]
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That's not so hard to believe.

[But she won't expect ponies.]

This world is wildly different from our own.
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[please let her find out on her own PLEASE]

... How exactly... [Doesn't even know how to articulate her question because there's so many problems with that.] do you live in space?
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[A long moment of thought and general confusion.]

Like the ones in the harbor?

[Thinking of a ship in space and is EVEN MORE CONFUSED]

There wouldn't be any wind for the sail...

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Either way it's definitely one of the more weird worlds I've heard about.

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